Transit Spring 2015

"I’m a little bit of a fabric lunatic.” - John Malkovich 

“A piece of fabric can get me going.” - Anna Sui

           Creating beautiful clothing starts with creating beautiful fabrics. It is debatable whether clothing can really be art but I would argue that in this context it is, but what does that really mean? It's not until we look at form, content and context can we truly understand a piece of art and it's artist.

Form is perhaps the easiest aspect to recognize, visual appearance is naturally our first impression on most things. We can look at the colour, weave and texture of clothing quite easily. Transit's beautiful simplicity is honestly one of easiest visuals to take in.

Content is a bit trickier. What does this clothing say about itself, the person who is wearing it and the person who makes it? Transit has so much to offer here. Transit's clothing says that it is the best work that can be done with today's technology and understanding of fashion. What it says about those who wear it is, "they care about self image".

Context - who made it, when was it made and for what purpose was it made? The Cozza family (Andrea, Anna, Franca and Matteo) make Transit's clothes to offer something that is " made with love not just a “label”", and is "a far cry from garish fashions".

Keeping with Italian tradition, Transit spares no expense sourcing materials and creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world. 


Posted on February 20, 2015 .