Men's clothing has come a long way in the past few decades. Today, men are wearing vibrant colours and patterns. Like all trends, this one will eventually go just as it came. However, whilst it is here I feel the need to explain the boundaries and guidelines.

Bright colours and crazy patterns can very easily speak about themselves rather than promote the one who is wearing them. This is not what you want! Time and time again we see some poor bloke wearing a shirt that is the exact colour of a highlighter, or mixing patterns and generally just taking it too far. Please do not be this person! There are correct ways to deal with patterns and colours.

Option 1 (above): Play your showcase pattern down by putting plainer things around it. This allows the people who see you to not be overwhelmed or blinded. For this demonstration we used an absolutely beautiful, patterned shirt by Georg Roth. This is genuinely one of my favourite statement pieces.

Option 2 (below): The second option is a bit more difficult. Mixing patterns can be tricky and easily done wrong. If you have an eye for it or can get a second opinion that is honest and not terrible, go for it! Here we have a grey/white micro striped jacket by Flynt with a somewhat herbaceous shirt from Zachary Prell along with a textured tie and calf-skin shoes from J&M.

Need pattern advice? Come by Outlander, we are more than happy to help with this pattern dilemma and talk with you one on one about why some people do it well and others...don't.

Posted on May 9, 2014 .