Casual vs. Formal

What makes an outfit casual? What makes it formal?

When we get dressed in the morning we are making an important decision and it will often affect our entire day. The most important question for an outfit is: "Is it comfortable." A poor wardrobe choice will leave you feeling uneasy and uncomfortable until you get home again to change whilst a good one will actually elevate your mood.

More than once I have left the house wondering if I was too dressed up or not dressed up enough.

Formal wear is by far easier to decide on than casual wear. Since there are so many guidelines and standards to dressing formally you are not left with many variables. Everybody ends up looking the same. The best time to show how well you dress is when you go out on a casual occasion.

Casual does not have to mean a graphic tee and shorts. Wearing a nice jacket can be the perfect thing to boost your casual outfit. The jacket shown above is a perfect demonstration from Ibiza. A jacket is formal or casual depending on what you put under it. In a formal situation it can be paired with a decent button-down shirt with a collar and slacks. In this casual set we put it with a beautiful and casual Hannes Roether shirt and a pair of Alberto's and it looks great!

 For our casual yet elegant presentation we have a cotton seersucker by Ibiza that has a very small amount of elastane to make it comfortable and well shaped. It really has an amazing texture to it. 

With that we have a piece that is quite special on its own accord. This shirt is made by Hannes Roether in Bulgaria in one of the only mills in the world that produces one continuous weave that results in no seams. Instead there are tiny holes called 'tucks' to give it it's shape. 

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Posted on May 2, 2014 .