All Things Bright and Beautiful

Devout enthusiasts of Walmart would like us to believe that cost-effectiveness is key to buying anything, including clothes. Most of us, especially those reading this blog, would beg to differ immediately and with enthusiasm. 

If all things were created equally, maybe it would make sense to get more stuff for less. I was thinking about this whilst picking up a pair of pants that cost $250. Across town there are pants that cost $15. Also, a little bit farther away maybe, there are pants that get on for $2,500. Who in their right mind would buy those?

The same question can be asked when shopping for jewelry or a car. The simple answer is that no two things are created equal.

We see first hand in nature that with the good there must also be the bad. The world as we know it would just be wrong if the balance between good and bad was thrown off, but it is impossible to alter reality anyway so we don't have to worry about it.

 In every garden there must be a wasp to go with the butterfly. In every parking lot there must be a Prius to go with the E-type. In every county there must be a Walmart to go with the Outlander.

Spending over $500 on a pair of trousers might seem preposterous, and it did to me until I found out that hours of immaculate handwork went into each pair. Excellent craftsmanship and exquisite materials come together to create something truly beautiful. 

Outlander respects the finer things and knows that a few nice things beat a lot of terrible things. We are proud to offset the mass with pulchritude.

Missani's Vintage Naked Lamb jacket
Truzzi's paisley tailored cotton shirt
Alberto's Modern fit pants that we do in fact love. 

All things bright and beautiful,
All hats big and small,
All shirts dark and delightful
Outlander has them all.

Posted on May 16, 2014 .