Without a doubt, Outlander values its cultural diversity in design to considerable lengths. Within 5 minutes of wandering the store you can find items from Italy, Germany, USA, Japan and many more countries reaching all corners of the world. If I ever made a list of my favorite vendors that Outlander carries, Hannes Roether would be very near the top. In the picture above is a jacket that strengthens Hannes Roether's claim to a top position on my list even more. There are two main aspects that make an article of clothing great; how it looks and how it feels. Hannes Roether's look is of supple and beautiful simplicity along with intricate detailing. This jacket is a linen and silk blend that feels nearly as great as it looks.

European design can be improved with some American perspective. To represent the U.S., a WRK (Work, Rest, Karma) shirt has been paired with the Hannes Roether jacket. 100% cotton with humble detailing.

Whether we ever missed it or not...summer is coming back! Even though summer clothing may not be as interesting or as captivating as F/W clothing it is still important to keep up appearances. Transit does linen items better than most and this thin linen jacket is great for layering in the warm weather. 

Quality is found not only far away but also very close to home. Agave expresses Californian style very well. An Agave tee can be paired with anything. 

Shorts are not really my thing and I was a bit reluctant to put them on for these photos but here they are! To my surprise I found these ones very comfortable and despite them being shorts they are very fashionable. There's the Silk and Linen mix again, it works every time.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .