Pocket squares rule

Gone are the days of blowing your nose or patting an eye with the pocket square. Pocket squares are a luxurious and luscious little detail that, when done right, can take a man from looking good to GQ status. Getting it right, however, isn't as easy as it might seem.  

Recently, GQ put out a great video on the basic how-to's of successfully wearing a pocket square to elevate your look. Here's the basic rules to picking the right pocket square and joining the illustrious roster of sports heroes, rock stars, celebrities, and the generally gorgeous that grace the pages of GQ --

Rule #1 -- Never match your pocket square with your tie or shirt.  Instead, pick out a color that is similar or complementary.

Rule #2 -- Pattern on pattern is not necessarily a no-no.  When dealing with pattern (checks, plaid, polka-dots, etc.) be sure that your pocket square is a different scale and different color value for a successful look.

Rule #3 -- Take an element of casual and give it pizzaz.  The simple and whimsical can completely transform a look when paired with the right jacket, shirt, or tie.  Even something as unsuspecting as a bandana can be elevated when used as a pocket square.

The GQ Rules of Pocket Squares: http://gqm.ag/10LklYF
Posted on May 2, 2013 .