Its Time For Some Weather!...maybe...

When things start coming in for the Fall season, I always have a subtle wave of sanguineness or even anticipation come over me that the heat will yield even if for a moment. It is almost certainly a false hope, but none the less.. it's there..

For somebody who has a thing for clothes, fall and winter bring a plethora of opportunity. Tee shirts and terrible light-weight shoes take a few steps back in the closet and a whole n'other wardrobe is opened. 

Layers! How nice it will be to be able to wear a jacket of some sort.

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Transit Spring 2015

"I’m a little bit of a fabric lunatic.” - John Malkovich 

“A piece of fabric can get me going.” - Anna Sui

           Creating beautiful clothing starts with creating beautiful fabrics. It is debatable whether clothing can really be art but I would argue that in this context it is, but what does that really mean? It's not until we look at form, content and context can we truly understand a piece of art and it's artist.

Form is perhaps the easiest aspect to recognize, visual appearance is naturally our first impression on most things. We can look at the colour, weave and texture of clothing quite easily. Transit's beautiful simplicity is honestly one of easiest visuals to take in.

Content is a bit trickier. What does this clothing say about itself, the person who is wearing it and the person who makes it? Transit has so much to offer here. Transit's clothing says that it is the best work that can be done with today's technology and understanding of fashion. What it says about those who wear it is, "they care about self image".

Context - who made it, when was it made and for what purpose was it made? The Cozza family (Andrea, Anna, Franca and Matteo) make Transit's clothes to offer something that is " made with love not just a “label”", and is "a far cry from garish fashions".

Keeping with Italian tradition, Transit spares no expense sourcing materials and creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world. 


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Fall/Winter 2014

Fall will be upon us soon and word on the street says its going to be a cold one! But until then what is to be done? Nowadays it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoons. Transitioning between summer and fall is tough but there is a trick. Layering! 


Light sweaters are easy to put on in the morning and to take off at midday when it gets warmer. 


Outlander is stocked up with knit, cashmere and bamboo sweaters; and more are coming in every week! 

Posted on September 28, 2014 .

Summer Sidewalk Sale


Make sure you are in town for Healdsburg's plaza-wide Sidewalk Sale! Outlander will have a large amount of inventory on sale; first come, first serve!

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Maui Jim Trunk Show


Maui Jim rep Frank Gomez will be in Outlander this Saturday June 28th for a trunk show!
He will be displaying a large range of sunglasses.
This is a great opportunity to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for this hot season.

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IMG_1251 copy.jpg

Tsovet is back in Outlander. 

New pieces have just arrived and they are awesome! Beautiful simplicity seems to be Tsovet's design mentality and it works wonderfully. Designed in America and crafted in Switzerland, the best of both worlds come together to create timepieces that are both modern and sophisticated. 

IMG_1258 copy.jpg

There is something for everybody in this collection. If you are looking for a statement piece that draws attention than maybe one of the watches above would suite you well.

If you are more reserved and prefer classic modern style like myself then maybe something more like the ones below would fit you more comfortably.

IMG_1256 copy.jpg

Whatever your style, Outlander now has an unordinary timepiece just for you!

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Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and it will be here sooner than we all think.

Every time it does come around, Father's Day can be a struggle for those of us that have poor decision making skills or stubborn fathers. I have both. It helps working in a men's store, but for the dominant percentage of us that do not work in a men's store choosing a gift can be very difficult.

The first question is, "What sort of thing should I get him." The second question is, "Where can I get this thing?"

Unless you the child, have something out of the ordinary in mind, you will most likely end up thinking about clothing of some sort or an accessory. If not then you are probably going down the old gift card road, which Outlander can also satisfy by the way.

Outlander is set and ready to help Gear the Men that mean the most to you. We can help you make the stressful decision that is a Father's Day gift.

IMG_9392 copy.jpeg

Instead of getting him something that will sit in the garage for centuries, why not get something that he can use every day or something that he looks forward to wearing?

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Cotton Collar Crimes

Today's lesson is on men's collars and we start with the Classic Button Down. This collar generally adorns shirts that are not meant to be worn with ties although they can be. There are better shirt options for a shirt and tie combo than this one, the Classic Button Down collar comes fairly close together in the center and doesn't leave much room for a tie with girth. 

Here we have the Buttoned Spread Collar. If you like to be more specific, an English Spread Collar. This one, unlike the Classic Button Down is meant to be worn with a tie. The Spread Collar was originally designed to accommodate knots such as the Windsor, which needs some space. You might have noticed that this shirt is a bit dressier than the previous one and it has collar meant to be use by a tie.

This one is called the Granddad collar. Originating in the Victorian era, the granddad collar shirt suited a detachable collar that was taken off and was then laundered. These shirts were washed maybe once a week but the collar would get quite dirty and needed replacing daily. Whether you are aware that European design is best or not, it usually is. This one in particular is a great mid-way point between a tee shirt and a collared button down shirt. 

The Hidden Button: Shirts with Hidden Collar Buttons have a separate smaller flap beneath the collar that hooks onto the buttons so that they do not show. This is great, the collar stays in place and you don't have to see the buttons. This collar is extremely versatile and can be found on dress and casual shirts.

Transit comes into the picture with a sort of Pointed Flat Cutaway which is pure fashion. There is no way this could contain a tie and there is no way that it has any other function than to be interesting. Modern simplicity at it's finest.

Posted on May 30, 2014 .

All Hats Big and Small

Trying to copy another person's wardrobe style is a bit like trying to copy an artist's painting...with crayon... and a blindfold on. You won't have the right medium, the right background, or the right eye for it. 

The world is run on adverse opinions and contradicting ideas. This is proven most plainly in fashion. There are so many options of fabric, shape, texture and colour that even attempting to copy somebody else's look is impossible. Even if you do find the same exact articles that somebody is wearing they will appear much different on you. It would be wrong. 

So why try to replicate when you can originate? Dale here is a brilliant example, he does his own thing and it works! 

Naturally, this brings me to hats. 

The options are limitless, incomprehensible, unfathomable. Most of the time you can tell a lot about a person by the hat they wear. Nothing else is needed to profile somebody other than by the hat they are wearing. 

A pedestrian could be absolutely stark naked apart from his western cowboy hat and you could deduce that he is a proud American. You could deduce that a man wearing a red beret is a french artist. And that a young boy wearing a baseball cap with a bent bill has athletic aspirations. 

Although, I personally am not a hat person, I can respect what they represent and what they can mean to the person wearing them. 

Posted on May 23, 2014 .

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Devout enthusiasts of Walmart would like us to believe that cost-effectiveness is key to buying anything, including clothes. Most of us, especially those reading this blog, would beg to differ immediately and with enthusiasm. 

If all things were created equally, maybe it would make sense to get more stuff for less. I was thinking about this whilst picking up a pair of pants that cost $250. Across town there are pants that cost $15. Also, a little bit farther away maybe, there are pants that get on for $2,500. Who in their right mind would buy those?

The same question can be asked when shopping for jewelry or a car. The simple answer is that no two things are created equal.

We see first hand in nature that with the good there must also be the bad. The world as we know it would just be wrong if the balance between good and bad was thrown off, but it is impossible to alter reality anyway so we don't have to worry about it.

 In every garden there must be a wasp to go with the butterfly. In every parking lot there must be a Prius to go with the E-type. In every county there must be a Walmart to go with the Outlander.

Spending over $500 on a pair of trousers might seem preposterous, and it did to me until I found out that hours of immaculate handwork went into each pair. Excellent craftsmanship and exquisite materials come together to create something truly beautiful. 

Outlander respects the finer things and knows that a few nice things beat a lot of terrible things. We are proud to offset the mass with pulchritude.

Missani's Vintage Naked Lamb jacket
Truzzi's paisley tailored cotton shirt
Alberto's Modern fit pants that we do in fact love. 

All things bright and beautiful,
All hats big and small,
All shirts dark and delightful
Outlander has them all.

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Men's clothing has come a long way in the past few decades. Today, men are wearing vibrant colours and patterns. Like all trends, this one will eventually go just as it came. However, whilst it is here I feel the need to explain the boundaries and guidelines.

Bright colours and crazy patterns can very easily speak about themselves rather than promote the one who is wearing them. This is not what you want! Time and time again we see some poor bloke wearing a shirt that is the exact colour of a highlighter, or mixing patterns and generally just taking it too far. Please do not be this person! There are correct ways to deal with patterns and colours.

Option 1 (above): Play your showcase pattern down by putting plainer things around it. This allows the people who see you to not be overwhelmed or blinded. For this demonstration we used an absolutely beautiful, patterned shirt by Georg Roth. This is genuinely one of my favourite statement pieces.

Option 2 (below): The second option is a bit more difficult. Mixing patterns can be tricky and easily done wrong. If you have an eye for it or can get a second opinion that is honest and not terrible, go for it! Here we have a grey/white micro striped jacket by Flynt with a somewhat herbaceous shirt from Zachary Prell along with a textured tie and calf-skin shoes from J&M.

Need pattern advice? Come by Outlander, we are more than happy to help with this pattern dilemma and talk with you one on one about why some people do it well and others...don't.

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Casual vs. Formal

What makes an outfit casual? What makes it formal?

When we get dressed in the morning we are making an important decision and it will often affect our entire day. The most important question for an outfit is: "Is it comfortable." A poor wardrobe choice will leave you feeling uneasy and uncomfortable until you get home again to change whilst a good one will actually elevate your mood.

More than once I have left the house wondering if I was too dressed up or not dressed up enough.

Formal wear is by far easier to decide on than casual wear. Since there are so many guidelines and standards to dressing formally you are not left with many variables. Everybody ends up looking the same. The best time to show how well you dress is when you go out on a casual occasion.

Casual does not have to mean a graphic tee and shorts. Wearing a nice jacket can be the perfect thing to boost your casual outfit. The jacket shown above is a perfect demonstration from Ibiza. A jacket is formal or casual depending on what you put under it. In a formal situation it can be paired with a decent button-down shirt with a collar and slacks. In this casual set we put it with a beautiful and casual Hannes Roether shirt and a pair of Alberto's and it looks great!

 For our casual yet elegant presentation we have a cotton seersucker by Ibiza that has a very small amount of elastane to make it comfortable and well shaped. It really has an amazing texture to it. 

With that we have a piece that is quite special on its own accord. This shirt is made by Hannes Roether in Bulgaria in one of the only mills in the world that produces one continuous weave that results in no seams. Instead there are tiny holes called 'tucks' to give it it's shape. 

Come into Outlander and check these items out in person!

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 Without a doubt, Outlander values its cultural diversity in design to considerable lengths. Within 5 minutes of wandering the store you can find items from Italy, Germany, USA, Japan and many more countries reaching all corners of the world. If I ever made a list of my favorite vendors that Outlander carries, Hannes Roether would be very near the top. In the picture above is a jacket that strengthens Hannes Roether's claim to a top position on my list even more. There are two main aspects that make an article of clothing great; how it looks and how it feels. Hannes Roether's look is of supple and beautiful simplicity along with intricate detailing. This jacket is a linen and silk blend that feels nearly as great as it looks.

European design can be improved with some American perspective. To represent the U.S., a WRK (Work, Rest, Karma) shirt has been paired with the Hannes Roether jacket. 100% cotton with humble detailing.

Whether we ever missed it or not...summer is coming back! Even though summer clothing may not be as interesting or as captivating as F/W clothing it is still important to keep up appearances. Transit does linen items better than most and this thin linen jacket is great for layering in the warm weather. 

Quality is found not only far away but also very close to home. Agave expresses Californian style very well. An Agave tee can be paired with anything. 

Shorts are not really my thing and I was a bit reluctant to put them on for these photos but here they are! To my surprise I found these ones very comfortable and despite them being shorts they are very fashionable. There's the Silk and Linen mix again, it works every time.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .

Luchiano Visconti's Spring/Summer line offers this 100% Linen,  blue Embroidery shirt that is ideal for the warmer weather. Paired with Alberto's Modern Fit blue denim jeans.

Johnston & Murphy's Donegan shoes. Features brushed nubuck calfskin exterior burnished at the heel and toe, leather outsole with a leather and fabric-covered footbed. 

Bugatchi used Liberty textile to craft this beautiful looking, feeling and fitting shirt that's unlike any shirt currently in your closet!

Posted on March 10, 2014 .

Spring 2014


Spring 2014


Spring is coming! Be prepared with this year's fashion.

Transit has just come to Outlander Men's Gear and 
these high quality pieces are not something to miss out on. 

 Transit did it perfectly this year by using beautiful lightweight materials.

   (Above) Shirt: this Cotton and Linen shirt by Transit is perfect 
for the warm weather coming up this year.
Vest: a fantastic linen piece with beautiful leather trim 
on the pockets.
Pants: These cotton pants are lightweight and sturdy plus
they look great on!

    Jacket: all linen with leather lined pockets. Modern and versatile!
 Pants: great slim fitting linen pants 

Sage de Cret

Representing Japan is Sage De Cret and it's back in Outlander!
(Above) This slim fitting jacket with modest stripes can be dressed
up or down.
And to go with it..a wonderfully crafted dark blue or white
shirt from Sage de Cret that has subtle yet beautiful detailing
on the front.

Here we have a fantastic linen suit with cotton lining from 
Sage de Cret paired with a long sleeve, Supima cotton Agave shirt from right here in the States.

Posted on February 12, 2014 .

New For Spring - Sage De Cret

SAGE DE CRÊT was launched by the Director Kimitoshi Chida in 2001. The launching of the brand resulted from the desire to create a tasteful creation made in Japan, which includes meticulously selected fabrics and templates and accessories. The brand had its international debut in 2013 SS, and it is being carried at the flagship store of its sister brand, pas de calais. The brand name is a coinage using the two words “sage” and “decrêt” which means “sensible” and “order” respectively in French.
The brand proposes a wardrobe in which the roles of its clothing are well thought-out, from stitching to zipper, lining and form, dying, material, and sewing, details. In addition, the collection states through its clothes that brand’s basic concepts work, military, and traditional are the base of men’s wear. It expresses the refined techniques and the design that pays respect to the history and tradition of fashion but unconstrained by the conventional. It is a wardrobe that lets men have their own style and wear with their own style.

Posted on January 24, 2014 .

New Looks for Fall

The seasons are changing, and slowly the weather will start to cool down. It's time to put away those summer clothes and pull out the fall and winter gear. New in store are our fall and winter collections from many different brands that you love.
New shirts from Bugatchi are in! 

Light weight, super soft cotton, long sleeve shirt from Agave for those colder nights. Layer up in style -- handcrafted and distressed coloring in dark teal with contrast stitching.

This sweater from Agave has the look of a light wool, but is actually 100% cotton. The dark moss-green color makes it easy to pair with a variety of gear and the ribbing in a sea blue adds a twist of color.

Alberto denim makes any outfit more stylish. These two new washes, in chocolate and inky blue, are meant to be worn with the cuffs rolled up.  

Posted on August 11, 2013 .

Wine Country Weddings

It's that time of year again, its wedding season! Whether it is a casual or dressy wedding, we are sure to help you get fitted with the right look. Here are two style ideas on how to dress for a wine country wedding -- 

Light colors, silks, and linens give this look an easy and relaxed feel.  This light weight, cream colored blazer from Ibiza has good structure but soft enough to pair with the soft texture of linen. The pants are a silk-cotton blend from Scott Barber that look luxurious, but are still easy to wear. This white linen shirt has great flow and the tones of browns and tans pull the look together. Paired this outfit with a light brown leather boot from Trippen.

For a more formal wedding, this look is perfect. A black and white checkered Paul Betenly blazer, which is a silk cotton blend, and burgundy shirt from Georg Roth make any outfit look dressy. Worn with a pair of Alberto pima cotton black pants, the look is sleek and classic. These Trippen shoes are awesome! A throw back to wing tips the leather is actually painted. It's a complete formal look for your wine country wedding! 

Posted on June 23, 2013 .